public database of cloudkit to store user's sensitive data in encrypted form

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asked Sep 11, 2017 by krishna

I am new to ios development. I am developing an application where, users stores some data in database. I have used sqlite database to store the data locally.

Now I want to provide backup facility for the local storage. I have read about cloud kit. There are private and public database in cloudkit. And if we store data in private database, then it is visible only to the current user and is stored in that user’s iCloud account.

But I want to use public database, so that the data is stored in app's icloud account and user's icould storage will remain intact for his other usage. I am planning to convert sqlite database to json or xml format, encrypt it and then store to icloud public database. When user wants the backup of his data, he will get the encrypted file, which will be decrypted at client side, and then converted to sqlite and stored. The password will be known only to the user.

I don't know this is a good idea or not? Or Should I use private database to store user's sensitive data?

Thanks in advance,


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