How to make the clock display and the event today behind the search button

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asked Sep 13, 2017 by abdullah-shaik

I set up a table to show the event today and clock display near the Cesium Button. However, when I clicked the Search Button, the search display is behind the clock display. Let me show you an image. enter image description here

My code is found below... HTML file

   <div class="toolbar-left2 noselect" style="position:fixed; left: 1085px;top:5px;">-->
                <td style="color:white;"><font size="3">Events Today : </font></td>
                <td id="totalattack" style="color:white;"><font size="3">&nbsp;0</font></td>
                <td style="color:white;"><font size="3">Current Time &nbsp;</font></td>
                <td id="todaylocaltime"style="color:white;"></td>

so how to put the clock and the event today behind the search display... Please help me. Should i modify the cesium.js code???? Or perform z-index to do this. Should i modify the geocoder??????If so how to do it?? Thank you

1 Answer

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answered Sep 13, 2017 by jiangangxiong

You can set the z-index of the dom with style position: fixed(the table's wrapper) and the search wrapper dom, then the dom of which the z-index has the smaller value will behind the larger.

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