Hiding iPhone Status Bar in Selected Views Only

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asked Aug 1, 2010 by bitmoe

How do I go about hiding the iPhone status bar in selected views only? I know there is an option in the .plist file but that applies to the whole project. Also, I've tried using this line:

[[UIApplication sharedApplication] setStatusBarHidden:NO withAnimation: UIStatusBarAnimationSlide];

but this applies it to the whole project, even if I put it individually in each view. It chooses one to go by and applies it to the whole project. I need a way to show in one view and hide in one view.


EDIT: The problem I'm facing now is when I come back to my main view after visiting my flip view, the status bar has disappeared, which is all good, but the area where the status bar would be is left blank, and has shifted the entire view about 20 pixels down. Any ideas?

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