Could not load file or assembly FSharp.Core, Version=

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asked Jun 15, 2010 by ken

I'm trying to deploy a web application which uses F# 4.0 on Windows Server 2008.

It works on my computer where VS2010 is installed but it doesn't work on the server. Everytime you open the page you'll get this error message:

Could not load file or assembly 'FSharp.Core, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

I've installed .NET 4 using the web platform installer. F# PowerPack is installed too.

I found this page: It suggests you to reinstall F#, but the link to download F# seems to be broken. And it might not be the same problem I have.

I've also tried to install Microsoft F# since it's the only F# redistribution I could find. But it doesn't help at all.

Has anyone get something like this to work?

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answered Jun 15, 2010 by ken

I managed to get it working by installing FSharpRedist2.0 from VS2010 installer. It's located at \WCU\FSharp.

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answered Jun 15, 2010 by brian

You need to install the redist (F# runtime) on the deployment machine. See e.g. (or

for info on how to have a VS project chain the installer. As you've found, the redist (located here:

) needs to be installed; FSharp.Core is not part of .NET, rather it is a separately installed component.

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answered Jun 5, 2012 by luis-pereira

I needed version 4.0.0 of FSharp.Core, so I installed it in my Visual Studio 2010 via Nuget:

Or run the following command in the Package Manager Console:
PM> Install-Package FSharp.Core

Then publish the project and upload FSharp.Core.dll

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answered Jun 19, 2012 by tom-stickel

Just install this: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 F# Runtime 2.0 on the server

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answered Jun 7, 2013 by troy-kershaw

I had the same problem and got it working by:

  1. Adding a reference to FSharp.Core in the web project (mine was a C# project)
  2. Changing Copy Local to True in the FSharp.Core reference properties
  3. Build and publish!
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answered Jun 28, 2015 by goswin



to the *.csproj file helped me with the same problem.

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answered Sep 15, 2017 by outadoc

In my case, this was caused by a corrupted config. I removed every reference to F# in the *.fsproj and *.csproj files (including binding redirects), reinstalled the FSharp.Core package from NuGet, and everything worked out nicely.

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