Embedding Gecko/WebKit in Java

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asked Apr 16, 2010 by user318590

I'd like to have Gecko, WebKit, or another webbrowser embedded in Java as a Swing/AWT control. I'm looking for something different than JRex or JWebPane.

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answered Apr 13, 2010 by alexis-dufrenoy

You could use JxBrowser. It features a Swing/JavaFX component that wraps the Chromium engine while providing a rich API and out-of-the-box hardware-acceleration through the GPU.

Unfortunately, they've dropped support for other engines (like Gecko and WebKit) since 4.0 version.
Note that it's not free, except for open-source projects.

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answered Apr 13, 2010 by grodriguez

If SWT is an option, you can use the SWT Browser widget, this will use a platform-specific browser (e.g. Mozilla, Webkit, IE) to actually display the content. Have a look at this Eclipse article for an overview.

If you don't want to use SWT, then I recommend JavaXPCOM. This allows you to embed Gecko in a Java application.

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answered Apr 25, 2014 by luke-quinane


JCEF (Java Wrapper for the Chromium Embedded Framework) is a Java wrapper around CEF, which is in turn a wrapper around Chrome:

Both projects seem quite active and the browser rendering is much faster than JavaFX's WebView (at least with JDK 8u20).


It is also possible to use the JavaFX WebView in a Swing application via the JFXPanel.

public class JavaFxWebBrowser extends JFXPanel {
    private WebView webView;
    private WebEngine webEngine;

    public JavaFxWebBrowser() {
        Platform.runLater(() -> {

    private void initialiseJavaFXScene() {
        webView = new WebView();
        webEngine = webView.getEngine();

        Scene scene = new Scene(webView);
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