Exclude a folder from SVN checkout on Aptana

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asked Feb 12, 2010 by gong

I have a site developed with cakePHP. I have it under source control with svn. I develop it with the Aptana Studio, both in Linux and in windows.

there are some directories like app/tmp which as the name says holds temporary data. Is it possible to omit the folder for being checked by aptana studio where to be commited? I right-clicked on the folder and applied a svn propert svn-ignore: *

But still every time I want to commit those files/folders appear in my list of changed files.

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answered Jan 12, 2010 by simon-groenewolt

I'm not completely sure, but I think that if you set an svn-ignore property on a folder you will have to commit that folder before it will start working.

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answered Feb 12, 2010 by jeroenh

First, if the folder is already in svn, you should remove it from source control (using 'svn delete').

Then you should set the svn:ignore (note the colon instead of the dash) property on the parent folder to include the folder name that you want to ignore.

so for app\tmp, set svn:ignore on 'app' to 'tmp'

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answered Sep 15, 2017 by younghyeong-ryu

jeroenh add :

if the folder is already in svn : Switch to SVN Repositories and delete what you want. Switch to Project Explorer and Team > Update to Version. And then do what jeroenh said

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