Delphi - how to skin a form [on hold]

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asked Jan 20, 2010 by remus-rigo

I just finish reading delphi-skinning-libraries and sptbxtoolbar-skin-change but this is not what I wanted. I'm interested in how to apply a skin on a form, just like the classic WinAmp windows :) Any aricle or code or ideea is welcomed.

I just found Windows XP Theme Manager, i'm at work now, so i'll study it at home (I hope this is wahat I need)

1 Answer

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answered Jan 20, 2010 by kornel-kisielewicz

Actually the former question (with a nudge at VCLSkin) is exactly what you need -- don't get suggested too much by the fact that all the examples look like MSWindows -- the skinning behind them allows for any image-based GUI.

The only alternative is ditching the Forms altogether and building your skin from ground up using WinAPI. An example can be seen on flipcode (C++, but WinAPI's the same).

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