Masking an image with another image

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asked Oct 29, 2009 by jim-moore

Does anyone have an example of how to do some masking with Delphi TImage so I can have one image put on another?

Using 2009

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answered Oct 29, 2009 by francis-lee

Look at it can be a good start.

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answered Oct 29, 2009 by rruz

You can use the Copymode (cmSrcErase,cmSrcCopy,cmSrcAnd,cmSrcInvert) property of the Timage.Canvas, you can find a basic example in this link.

picture of clouds + picture of balloon = picture of balloon in the sky


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answered Oct 29, 2009 by skamradt

A good location to have for delphi graphics is efg's Computer Lab. Specifically to your question, there is a project Cursor Overlay which starts with cursors, but the concept is there to do what you are asking.

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