listing network shares with python

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asked Sep 22, 2009 by gearoid-murphy

if I explicitly attempt to list the contents of a shared directory on a remote host using python on a windows machine, the operation succeeds, for example, the following snippet works fine:


However, if I attempt to list the network drives/directories available on the remote host, python fails, an example of which is shown in the following code snippet:


Is anyone aware of why this doesn't work?, any help/workaround is appreciated.

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answered Sep 22, 2009 by barbuza

May be pysmb can help

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answered Sep 22, 2009 by santi

Sorry. I'm not able to try this as I'm not in a PC. Have you tried:

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answered Sep 22, 2009 by luc
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answered Sep 26, 2010 by troy

I'm sure the OP has forgotten about this question by now, but here's (maybe) an explanation:

In case anybody else happens along this problem, like I did.

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answered Sep 15, 2017 by jwlitts

For anyone still wondering how to list network shares at the top level on windows, you can use the win32net module:

import win32net
shares, _, _ = win32net.NetShareEnum('remotehost',0)

The integer controls the type of information returned but if you just want a list of the shares then 0 will do.

This works where os.listdir('\\remotehost') fails as '\\remotehost' isn't a real folder although windows can display it like one.

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