Excel - “File Not Found: VBA6.DLL”

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asked Aug 18, 2009 by saobi

I have an Excel 2007 Sheet with Macros. When I click on a button, it immediately pops up an error "File Not Found: VBA6.DLL"

Problem is, I have been using this sheet forever, and never seen this problem before. I did make some very very minor changes to the Macro code.

And, I have 2 other sheets with identical macro code which I made the same changes to. And those two sheets run fine.

Any ideas?

2 Answers

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answered Aug 19, 2009 by fionnuala

In this order:

  • Check your references (Alt+F11, Tools-References) to see if any are marked MISSING and make sure that Visual Basic for Applicatiions is checked.

  • Check the directory C:\WINDOWS\system32 for VBA6.dll

  • You may need to register VBA6.dll (Start->Run)

    Regsvr32.EXE "C:\WINDOWS\system32\VBA6.dll"

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answered Sep 15, 2017 by brian

I had the same problem with a shared file. The fix was as follows:

  1. Un-share the file
  2. Copy all macros; sheets, this workbook, modules and saved them in a text format.
  3. Save the .xlsm as a .xlsx file
  4. Save back to .xlxm file
  5. Paste all macros back in
  6. Reset shortcut keys and descriptions in macro options
  7. Re-share the file

This worked without having to go to IT and get someone with administrative credentials to fix it.

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