Doxygen \xrefitem doesn't seem to work

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asked Jun 24, 2009 by gary

I'm trying to use xrefitem to create a "Related Page", but it doesn't seem to be working, nor inline. Here is an example:

/// \xrefitem makeup "Makeup" "This is made up" ok so it is
/// \xrefitem makeup2 "Makeup2" "This is made up2"  Ok it #ismade"up"

I'm using Doxygen 1.5.9. Neither of these show up in the related pages. I'm also including the comment in a CPP file.

2 Answers

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answered Jun 25, 2009 by mouviciel

May be my answer to the question Custom tags with Doxygen will help you.

There, I propose an example of combined usage of \xrefitem and ALIASES.

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answered Jun 25, 2009 by jon-konrath

Two quick thoughts:

First, does this work for you? (Splitting it up so the text is on a second line...)

/// \xrefitem makeup "Makeup" "This is made up" 
/// ok so it is

Also, your second example has a number in the tag - is that arbirtrary? I actually had problems with \addtogroup when someone created a tag named "3D" and it wasn't until hours of hair-pulling that I found that numbers in a tag cause it to be ignored. Just a thought...

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