Android Studio no longer recognizes LG G Stylo

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asked Jan 29, 2017 by john-ureke

I need to know how to make Windows 7 forget it ever connected to my LG G Stylo phone. I have three devices that I use in Android Studio development. For some reason, this one is no longer being detected by the ADB. Something has happened to make it no longer show up, because it did a couple of weeks ago. AS's ADB will detect my other two devices, and this device shows up in the in the ADB on another computer. I have tediously gone through the registry and removed everything referencing the Stylo, but it still will not show up in AS's ADB. Thanks for the help! John

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answered May 31, 2017 by moien-dev

Developer options" has to be ON in order to make AS see the device

If even though device manager you can't saw the device, Windows couldn't find drivers.Maybe the drivers are hidden on the device otherwise download it and install it.

If that doesn't work:

Shut down

Hit F8 (or whatever gets to startup options screen on your computer)

Disable Driver Signature Enforcement.

Run driver

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answered Nov 29, 2018 by j-hull

To start, I have just purchased the LG Stylo 3 plus and ran right into this situation. TO repeat the basics you need

With Android Studio shut down...

  1. Turn on Developer options (tap 7 times on build number in settings
  2. (Settings>System>About Phone>Build Number
  3. Turn on USB Debugging in Developer Options
  4. (optionally) check on the type of USB connection, MTP or PTP should work
  5. (Optionally) Because I did it, also do a revoke USB tap.

Here was the key for me. I needed to install the LG USB Windows Drivers for my Windows 7 (I'll try 10 tonight and update). Go to this page

LG Drivers and firmware

and either type in model number or browse to find device. LG has a nice interface to install the Windows Drivers. I recommend the Support tool to verify the device as the up to date drivers as well. Start Android Studio and to test I just started the app in debug mode and went through the process of setting up ADB for using the new;y connected device.

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