HP ALM Synchronizer TFS 2010 mapping workitem

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asked Apr 22, 2013 by rizwana-khan

What does this error means...??

EndpointParams: Endpoint params check failed. Reason: Folder Work Item verification failed. Verify that the folder work item, name field and description field are configured correctly in the adapter's dat folder.

Any idea..

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answered Aug 9, 2016 by damian

In HP ALM Synchronizer, in the Advanced tab of the configuration of the link you should be able to set endpoint params. Check that you have set a value for all params.
Refer to page 75 of HP ALM Synchronizer User Guide

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answered Nov 29, 2018 by george-hpe-rnd

Thank you for using HP ALM Synchronizer. To work with TFS and ALM at requirement sync, sometimes you want copy the hierarchy structure to another endpoint. So we provided folder sync on TFS adapter.

To use this feature, we need understand we will recognize a work item in TFS as folders in ALM. For example, you can make work item "Group" as folders.

Edit HP ALM Synchronizer\adapters\dat\TFS\adapter.propertiesUncomment folder items, specify which work time you want to map to folder: tfs.adapter.folder.work.item=Group

Specify which attribute of this work item you want to map to ALM folder name and description:tfs.adapter.folder.field.name=Title


And restart the service.

Then we also need put all requirements you want to sync under "Group" in TFS (by using linking function in TFS).

Finally your groups in TFS will become folder in ALM and all sub items will keep the hierarchy structure in ALM.

Hope this helpful.

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