Highcharts - Reverse order of stacks on negative y-axis

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asked Sep 13, 2017 by andenthu

My question is exactly as previously asked on this forum. There is no answer to the question yet. Hence reposting the question.

Highcharts - Reverse order of negative stacked series

I hope Highcharts team monitoring this forum will reply to this question.

The desired outcome is to stack series in the reverse order of what is currently getting rendered in the negative y-Axis (pls note the positive values are being rendered in the desired order). In other words, stack it in the order as shown in the legend.

1 Answer

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answered Sep 14, 2017 by d-paul

There is still no option for reversing single stack. The solution, as mentioned in the link that you provided, is to create separate series for negative values and change their order. If you think this feature would be helpful, you can suggest it here: https://highcharts.uservoice.com/forums/55896-highcharts-javascript-api.


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