Looking for papers/studies on TDD effectivness [closed]

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asked Feb 12, 2009 by dror-helper

I'm looking for research papers or studies made on Unit Testing and TDD effectiveness.

Points of interest:

  • Does TDD reduce Development time?
  • Does overall development cost reduced as well?
  • Is the result product more stable?

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answered Jan 3, 2009 by philant

An article on infoQ: Empirical Studies Show Test Driven Development Improves Quality.

And a link to the Realizing quality improvement through TDD study.

"TDD seems to be applicable in various domains and can significantly reduce the defect density of developed software without significant productivity reduction of the development team." The study compared 4 projects, at Microsoft and IBM that used TDD with similar projects that did not use TDD.

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answered Jan 12, 2009 by anthonywjones
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answered Jan 12, 2009 by gerrie-schenck

StudiesOfTestDrivenDevelopment has a summary and more links.

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answered Jan 12, 2009 by andrew-edgecombe

Take a look at papers by Nancy Van Schooenderwoert (et al) at www.agilerules.com. In particular "Embedded Agile Project by the Numbers With Newbies"

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answered Jan 12, 2009 by user44585

http://www.slideshare.net/ZendCon/test-driven-development-presentation has a nice presentation explaining TDD though it is geared to Zend and PHP.

http://biblio.gdinwiddie.com/biblio/StudiesOfTestDrivenDevelopment has a number of relevant links

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answered Feb 12, 2009 by guerda
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