Subscribe BLE Characteristics UUID in Pygatt or bgapi

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asked Sep 13, 2017 by user148709

When communicating with BLE peripherals, Compiled toolkit (i.e. LightBlue) successfully connects to device and subscribes service uuid or characteristics uuid. Since the target device uses 4 characters uuid, (i.e. 3EA0), pygatt and bgapi repeatedly show error message like below.

WARNING:pygatt.backends.bgapi.bgapi:UUID 3ea3 is of unknown type
WARNING:pygatt.backends.bgapi.bgapi:UUID 3ea6 is of unknown type
WARNING:pygatt.backends.bgapi.bgapi:UUID 3e71 is of unknown type

Based on the community thread from another developer,

It seems pygatt or bgapi blocks 4-characters uuid at some point.

Anybody succeed to subscribe 4-character uuid with BLED112 dongle using pygatt or bgapi?

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