How to change the library mode in Dotfuscator using post-build event command line

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asked Mar 27, 2013 by sanvee

I'm trying to obfuscate a c# project using Dotfuscator CE tool which comes along with Visual Studio 2010, with the help of following commands I managed to obfuscate the code.

enter image description here

but it doesn't make any changes to the private or public method names, I knew that by changing the 'Library mode' which comes under Assemblies-->Properties, I should be able to rename the functions.

enter image description here

but I do not know how to include the library property within the post build event command line. Could somebody please help..

Thanks in advance.

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answered Mar 28, 2013 by earlz

According to the help text of the dofuscator command line:

Extended Options:
        /in:[+|-]<file>[,[+|-]<file>]                : specify input assemblies. Use prefix to obfuscate input as public(+) or private(-) assembly, use : after the filename to specify a package type

So, by default just doing /in:foo.exe would mean foo.exe is treated as not being in library mode. To obfuscate it in library mode instead, use the + symbol like so /in:+foo.exe

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answered Jan 9, 2015 by user4437288


You are partially right, library mode is disabled by default for exe's, but dll's are the opposite. If you look at San' original post you can clearly see he is obfuscating a dll, hence his issue.

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