Shiny : R: wilcox.test : change “value” -Output

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asked Jul 9, 2017 by rivka

I am working on a tiny shiny app, that allows the user to upload some data and run some statistics on it. I now have two things I would like to change in the output. This is the output at the moment However, as you can see, the data part is quite saying nothing, I rather have the output: data: Group1 and Group2 I also would like to have n as the number of subjects(here: 109,114,115).

This is the code to produce the current output:

statsPaired <- function(boolean_dt1, boolean_dt2){
  for (i in 4: (length(boolean_dt1))){
    print(wilcox.test( (unlist(boolean_dt1[,i, with = FALSE])), unlist(boolean_dt2[,i, with = FALSE]) , paired = T, exact= FALSE))

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