How to take a screenshot of the user's screen when the user places an order?

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asked Jul 22, 2010 by y-g-j

I don't mind if it is a print screen or export proccess of the page to jpg or even to pdf... how can it be done?

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answered Jul 26, 2010 by matthew-groves

Assuming you literally want to save a screenshot of the user's desktop, this can't be done with server-side technology like ASP, since the user's desktop is not on your server (obviously).

There might be a JavaScript solution (I couldn't find one), or you can use ActiveX (Take a screenshot of a webpage with JavaScript?), which might not be a good idea if this is a public ordering system, since many users won't be able to use (or will turn off) ActiveX--I know I'm personally alarmed to see ActiveX notification these days, and that would likely change my mind about placing an order in the first place.

However, I would very much question the need to take a literal screenshot, instead of just recording the relevant data in a database or log somewhere (and then you could simulate the user's screen).

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