How do I set up my environment for ESC/Java2 in Windows and build/run with ESC/Java2?

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asked Oct 16, 2008 by acostache

How do I set up my execution environment for ESC/Java2 in WindowsXP? And furthermore, how do I build and run, in WindowsXP, projects with ESC/Java2. It is hard to tell from their specifications/readme and documentation, specially considering the fact that they seem to be talking more about Unix based operating systems.

1 Answer

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answered Oct 20, 2008 by metroidfan2002

You can use Eclipse Europa (3.3) (or higher, at your own risk...most plugins are upwards-compatibile) and its associated Eclipse Plugin.

To install a plugin, go to help->Software Updates->Find and Install, then add a new remote site from the plugin's update site. You can then select the plugin to install, and click through the "ok" prompts. Restart Eclipse and it should be installed then.

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