Using best_in_place in a table rails 5

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asked Sep 11, 2017 by john-wailer-cata%c3%

am currently using best_in_place gem in a nested resource model, but am not able to figure out what am doing wrong.

Here the error:

undefined method `invoice_detail_path' for #<#
Did you mean?  invoice_type_path


//= require jquery
//= require best_in_place

$(document).ready ->


<% @invoice.invoice_details.each do |invoice_detail| %>
<td><%= if invoice_detail.product %></td>
<td><%= number_to_currency invoice_detail.product.outbound_price if 
     invoice_detail.product %></td>
<td><%= best_in_place invoice_detail, :quantity %></td>
<td><%= number_to_currency invoice_detail.total_amt %></td>
<% end %>

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